Francesca Battistelli (born May eighteen, 1985) is an American Alfredia musician, singer-songwriter, and documenting artist from New York City, Ny. She was originally persistent artist and had released persistent album, Just a Breath, 7 years ago. Her first studio record on Fervent Records, The Paper Heart, was released upon July 22, 2008. The girl first single, “I’m Allowing Go”, was released to stereo in spring of 08 and has charted on nationwide Christian CHR charts since that time. The song was the sixteenth most played song associated with 2008 on Christian stereo according to R&R magazine. Battistelli received her first Grammy Award nomination in 2009, with regard to Best Gospel Performance ready single, “Free to Be Me”. She later received the girl first Grammy Award within 2016 at the 58th Yearly Grammy Awards for Greatest Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song with her single, “Holy Spirit” from her album In case We’re Honest.

‘Holy Spirit’

Francesca Battistelli

singer, songwriter, worship, God, Jesus, praise, spiritual

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